Online Casino Malaysia

Online Casino Malaysia have long been a controversial topic. While most federal states have banned gambling. Our team has located and compared the safest, legal online casinos with a license.

Top 3 Online Casino Malaysia:

  • WinClub88
  • Getwin
  • 9Club

Online Casino Malaysia WinClub88

Online Casino Malaysia


  • Valid license
  • Entire website available in Malaysia (also terms and conditions and help pages)
  • Many exciting tournaments
  • Welcome bonus for new players
  • Large selection of reputable payment providers


  • Free spins expire after only 25 hours

PayPal casino payments not available for the casino

The WinClub88 Online Casino Malaysia has only been around since 2018, and yet the provider already has a large fan base in Malaysia. This is primarily because WinClub88 is an absolutely safe and reputable provider.

This is also underlined by the fact that the casino has two of the most demanding licenses available. So here you can also play legally in Malaysia.

But the casino provider can not only convince with the licenses. No, WinClub88 is also extremely user-friendly. The entire website is available in Malaysian, which also applies to the terms and conditions and the help pages.

Here, the provider is one step ahead of most of the competition. The customer service is also offered in Malaysian, even in the live chat. 

In addition to that, WinClub88 scores with a first-class bonus offer:

Players from Malaysia not only receive a deposit bonus, but also free spins. And loyal customers can look forward to exciting tournaments with first-class cash prizes!

Online Casino Malaysia Getwin

Online Casino Malaysia


  • Sports betting also available
  • Many exceptional promotions and offers
  • No fee for most withdrawals
  • Wide range of casino games
  • Games selection very clearly arranged


  • Dark website design takes some getting used to

The Getwin Casino is for us currently one of the best online casinos in Malaysia. Because the provider comes up with a great structured website. Even as a new user, you can find your way around after a few seconds. Especially the games section is clearly divided into different themes and categories.

And that is also necessary. Because a huge selection of casino games awaits the player at Getwin Online Casino Malaysia. This includes normal slots, 3D games and jackpot games. But also the classic table games like blackjack, poker and baccarat are available. In addition to that, Getwin Online Casino also offers sports betting.

Perfect, therefore, if you want to try something different for once. Furthermore, the great betting odds at Rizk ensure high chances of winning.

But that’s not all. Because what we like best about this online casino are the special promotions. After all, the provider convinces with a unique selection of promotions and offers. For example, with the Wheel of Getwin and the Race of Getwin. And new players can also look forward to a great bonus.

Online Casino Malaysia 9Club

Online Casino Malaysia


  • VIP Club with excellent rewards for loyal players.
  • Exciting and varied website design
  • Real money cashback for every bet!
  • Welcome bonus with bonus money and free spins
  • Reputable provider: All important info can be found in a few seconds


  • Currently no support via telephone

When you play at 9Club, the first thing you notice is the colorful, bright and exciting design of the website. This has been designed much better than most other casino designs. In addition, you can find all the important information in just a few seconds.

This includes, for example, licenses, payouts and customer support. The comprehensive FAQ clarifies all other questions.

The range of games is also convincing. 9Club Casino only uses the best software providers. Accordingly, the level of the games is first-class. In addition, new players can look forward to a great welcome bonus.

Loyal customers also benefit from the VIP loyalty program, which scores with great prizes. For example, a VIP manager, higher payout percentages and more.

But what really sets 9Club Casino apart from the competition is the cash back program. For every wager, the player receives an amount of money credited to their account. Admittedly, you can also find such offers in other casinos. However, at 9Club you get real money back that you can use freely. There are no further bonus requirements. And that is really unique. 

Player protection for gambling addicts

A key component of casino licenses is responsible gambling. Even when the government representatives in Malaysia voted on the new casino law, this was a central part of the discussions.

It can therefore be assumed that the mechanisms and regulations for player protection for gambling addicts in Online Casino Malaysia will be even stricter than they already are for Asian providers.

We welcome this development wholeheartedly. After all, there is always a risk of addiction when it comes to casino fun. All too easily, the adventure of online gaming can turn into a real problem.

The operators of online casinos are therefore under an obligation to protect their own users and provide timely assistance when needed. In all reputable online casinos, this is already the standard.

There you will find comprehensive measures against gambling abuse as a player. This starts with trained employees in customer service, who can recognize a problem case in time and then act. In addition, the best providers offer extensive information material on the subject.

After all, players must first recognize that there is a problem before they can ask for help. We’ll reveal what other prevention measures are available in the next paragraph.

Measures to prevent addiction:

As already mentioned, reputable online casinos take comprehensive measures to prevent addiction. The most important component is certainly education. This is done, among other things, through information material, trained service staff and self-assessment questionnaires.

However, top casino providers must also offer active measures that go far beyond mere advice. After all, merely recognizing a problem is not enough if you do not subsequently combat it.

Active means of preventing addiction include, for example, options for setting casino limits. This allows one to spend only a certain amount on any given day. This way, one never loses control. Limiting the length of sessions also works on the same principle. For emergencies, a casino should also offer options for self-exclusion or temporary blocking of the account.

But you can also find help away from the casinos. For example, on the information pages of the federal government. In addition, there are also many voluntary associations and self-help groups on the subject of gambling abuse. If you recognize a problem with yourself, these organizations are a great, safe and neutral contact. You are not judged there, but welcomed with open arms. The success of self-help groups in all areas of addiction prevention speaks for itself.

Casinos with real money games only from 18 years of age

There should be no discussion about the fact that gambling is only possible from the age of 18. This is because young people and children are, of course, particularly at risk of addiction. Reputable providers must therefore ensure that only people over the age of 18 play in the Online Casino Malaysia. This is done through a verification process, similar to opening a bank account.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

There are good reasons why the best casino regulators pay special attention to data protection. After all, it has not been a secret for a long time what a big problem the misuse of data is. Of course, with a topic as sensitive as gambling, it is even more important that all customer data is kept confidential.

Reputable Malaysian online casinos therefore strictly adhere to the Malaysian Data Protection Regulation, or DSGVO for short. The DSGVO defines the extent to which providers may store, utilize and pass on user data to third parties. A particularly important part of the regulation is that the user must always be informed exactly for what purpose their own data is being used.


Audits are an elementary component of serious corporate management. After all, only independent experts can make a truly fair judgment about the processes in a company. This is especially true for online casinos. After all, an audit at a gambling provider covers important areas such as security, data protection and fairness.

It is therefore worth choosing a casino that conducts regular audits. This is because positive audits give Malaysian players an additional level of security that goes far beyond the level of a license.

Especially the audits of Gaming Laboratories International or iTech Labs have proven to be reliable and demanding. So, when playing at an Online Casino Malaysia with up-to-date audits from leading providers, you no longer have to worry about hidden costs or rip-offs.

We hope that these ratings will become an industry standard in the future.


Data protection on the Internet is always especially important when it comes to real money payments. After all, if one’s payment data falls into the wrong hands, financial ruin is imminent. However, the attack on one’s own data does not necessarily have to come from the online casino itself.

Criminals have long since recognized the potential of online casinos and are increasingly trying to read out and misuse the providers’ data.

The best online casinos therefore ensure that all sensitive data is only transmitted with SSL encryption. The proven encryption technology makes a hacker attack on one’s own data virtually impossible and is therefore indispensable in online gaming. If a casino does not offer encryption, you should not play there.


The Casino License Malta Gaming Authority

Currently, the license of the Malta Gaming Authority, or MGA for short, is probably the most important license on the online casino market. This is because, in addition to the Malaysian registrations, it is an EU license with the highest standards. The MGA focuses primarily on fair payouts and player protection.

The Gibraltar Casino License

The jurisdiction of Gibraltar represents a convenient and high end offshore that offers entrepreneurs many opportunities in the field of online gambling. Here one can set up bookmaker offices, slot machines and online lotteries as well as act as a betting agent.

Online licenses are usually difficult to obtain. The licensing authority will only consider licensing companies that have a proven track record in gambling, are licensed in a reputable jurisdiction, have good financial performance, and have a realistic business plan.

Difference between Malta and Gibraltar?

Both countries offer great administrative, tax advantages and an attractive labor market with a skilled workforce.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two licenses is whether they are part of the EU. It remains to be seen what the future of Gibraltar will be because of Brexit, whether or not it will be tied to the EU by the agreement.Malta, for its part, has been a European territory since 2006, which gives it more stability in light of the Brexit situation.

What criteria does our team set for Online Casino Malaysia?

Selection of games

Online slots are always popular with players. The titles offer unique themes and features that will keep you entertained for hours. The most popular slots have high RTPs of 97% or more, ensuring that you get an excellent return on investment when you play. We make sure to present only the best options to our customers!

Welcome Bonus

A casino welcome bonus is a reward for new players joining a casino for the first time. Welcome bonuses allow players to maximize the value. There are many different variations of sign-up bonuses. We present only the best bonuses here!

Withdrawal speed and withdrawal amount

A cash withdrawal should be one of the easiest things to do if you are a casino player. After all, this is your money and you should be able to access it easily. We make sure that this is indeed the case. Moreover, we also make sure that the RTP is high on the slots we feature.


Playing at online casinos can be an incredibly entertaining and rewarding experience. However, it is very important to protect yourself and your bank details when playing online by choosing only safe online casinos. We have researched it for you and recommend only the safest casinos!

Payment methods

To play at a casino, you usually need to make a deposit using one of the many payment options available. And as always, the more payment options there are, the better. Therefore, it is also important for us to offer our customers only the casinos, with the most payment methods.

Customer support

Not always the experience in an online casino runs smoothly. In that case, a very knowledgeable, polite and helpful customer support team would help a lot. For this reason, we make sure that the casinos we recommend have a quality customer support team.

The change in the law in Malaysia

The lifting of the online poker and casino ban in Malaysia is the goal here, but it comes with strict measures to protect players:

Marketing for online gambling is allowed, but is subject to certain restrictions. Most importantly, advertising can neither be directed at minors nor assumed to be a solution to financial problems. The restrictions also include a complete ban on broadcast marketing between 7am and 10pm.

Individual player accounts must be properly verified to ensure that the login information provided is that of the player.

Spins on virtual slot machines must last at least 5 seconds and the maximum bet for each must be limited to MYR 5 per game.

Why Should You Avoid Illegal Gambling?

Account suspensions:

The reasons for which you should avoid illegal gambling are very diverse. However, one of the most important ones is certainly that dubious casinos often experience sudden account suspensions. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons for complaints on independent casino platforms.

The pattern here is always the same: A player opens a new account at the online casino and initially everything goes well.

The player from Malaysia takes advantage of all the bonus offers, selects only the best games and thus accumulates more and more winnings. Of course, you don’t want to request a new withdrawal after every win, so you accumulate the money in your own account.

Until one day you get a rude awakening: One’s account has been blocked for no reason and all winnings are thus null and void. And since it is an illegal casino, there is also no point of contact to solve the problem.

Bad customer support:

Every online user has experienced how frustrating poor customer service can be. Of course, this is even more true when playing online, where large amounts of real money are at stake. If a problem arises here and the casino does not provide any help, then the casino adventure often comes to an abrupt end.

And the worst thing about it: dubious casinos often have a deliberately poor service. This is because the casinos assume that users will quickly lose motivation for complaints if they are never recorded anyway.

If it comes to serious problems such as the blocking of an account, then you can assume with dubious casinos that the customer service is suddenly simply no longer available. In addition, you can of course not expect any help with addiction prevention at such providers.

In our opinion, this is an extremely important reason why you should never play in illegal casinos.

High bonus conditions:

Meanwhile, there is virtually no online casino that does not have certain bonus offers. However, these bonuses can differ greatly from casino to casino. Because illegal casinos also offer bonuses and promotions.

However, the bonus conditions are often set so high that it is almost impossible to get the bonus paid out.

For example, absolutely unrealistic turnover conditions are specified. This means that in order to receive the bonus, the player must first achieve a certain turnover in a casino. Often there is also a time limit for this. Illegal casinos are known for doing really everything to ensure that a bonus is not paid out.

High withdrawal requirements:

A popular trick that the illegal online casinos use to avoid having to pay out bonus winnings is a too short time limit for reaching the bonus conditions. This is because both the payout of the bonus and the payout of the winnings that you have earned with the bonus money are always linked to the fulfillment of the turnover conditions.

If you fail to meet the turnover requirements within the specified time, you will forfeit the bonus and all winnings, regardless of how much money you have already wagered and won. Another reason why you should avoid illegal online casinos at all costs.

Delayed payout:

If you play in an illegal casino, then you can never really be sure whether you will actually receive your winnings. Because often the illegal casinos do not even have the means to pay out winnings. Of course, this is especially true when you hit a jackpot.

The complaints pages of the relevant organizations are therefore literally overflowing with complaints about delayed payouts. It can often happen that a player has to wait several weeks for his winnings.

The worst case scenario occurs when the winnings are not paid out at all. If it is an illegal online casino, in such a case you have no possibility to receive your money after all.

Fake games:

One of the biggest dangers when playing in online casinos without a valid license are fake games. This is because scammers are only too happy to use the names and logos of reputable software providers to lure unsuspecting players into a trap. The fact that it is a fake game is often noticed only when it is already too late.

And using such a fake game can be very risky for the player. Among other things, sensitive data can be accessed. In addition, a fake game does not guarantee fair payouts and winnings.

Explicit exclusion in the terms and conditions

Before signing up at a casino, you should always read the terms and conditions carefully. Just because a casino has a license does not mean that it is legal for Malaysian gamblers to play there. If Malaysian players are explicitly excluded in the terms and conditions, then it is also illegal to play there.

Even in such a case, you should not take the chance. After all, not only does it make you liable to prosecution, but you also risk losing all the casino winnings for which you have invested a lot of time.

How to recognize legal Online Casino Malaysia?

Pay attention to license

By far the most important factor in choosing a reputable online casino is the gambling license. Because unfortunately there are online also more and more scammers and black sheep.

And the only thing that reliably protects a Malaysian player from fraud and theft is a valid Asia casino license. After all, online casinos must meet the highest standards to receive such a license.

So, among other things, on the subject of data protection. The government authorities pay close attention to the fact that a casino sufficiently protects the sensitive data of its customers and does not pass it on to third parties.

But also when it comes to responsible gambling and fair payout methods, an Asia license ensures that you as a Malaysian player are always on the safe side. In our opinion, you really should never play at a casino without a valid license.

What licenses are there?

There are now countless different casino licenses. However, a reliable protection for the player are only the registrations of the reputable authorities. This certainly includes the license of the Malta Gaming Authority, or MGA for short.

The MGA is one of the best known and most professional authorities for casino licenses. A registration under the banner of this authority is therefore a real seal of quality.

Of course, the license from also offers maximum protection when playing online. This is because the Malaysian authorities, as in all other areas, have particularly high standards when it comes to gambling.

In addition, licenses from Gibraltar, Curacao and Sweden are also recommended. However, it is not enough for a casino to simply claim to have a license on its website. We will reveal why this is so in the next paragraph.

Is the casino license logo on the website sufficient?

In fact, the casino license logo on the website is by no means sufficient. After all, literally anyone can copy a logo from the Internet, and then paste it on their own website.

A scam that our experts have had to observe more often with online casinos. Therefore, a casino must not only provide the logo, but also the corresponding registration number.

Because with the registration number of a casino, you can check in a few steps whether the license is genuine and currently still valid. All you have to do is open the website of the respective authority and call up the license register. There you can enter the registration number and get all the information you need.

If you find only the license logo on a website and no further information, this is already a warning sign for fraud and theft.

Can casinos with Asia license be excluded from the market?

Gambling in the Asia is a business where many details have to be taken into account. They include legal peculiarities of a particular country, as well as the need to obtain a specific gambling license depending on the jurisdiction.

Today, most Asia countries have enacted gambling laws that regulate online gambling business there. Some member states only require a license for providing online gambling services. However, in most of them, operators have to obtain a specific license, depending on the products offered by the company (sports betting, online casino, etc.). This causes some difficulties for online gambling operators with a wide range of products.


Are online casinos legal in Indonesia?

Indonesia online casino gambling laws require that Indonesia casinos obtain a license to operate an online casino. To qualify for the online casino license, they must already have an active land-based casino license. There are 20 licensed land-based casinos in Indonesia that qualify.

Are online casinos legal in Singapore?

All gambling activities are legal in Singapore and the Ministry of Singapore oversees the industry. They can issue local operators the necessary licenses to offer gambling products including online casinos. Each company must meet certain requirements before they can obtain an official license for their online establishment.

Are all online casinos from Asia legal?

Asia countries are autonomous in organizing their gambling services as long as they comply with the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Asia. Some countries allow all games, while others only allow certain types such as betting, poker or casino games. A growing number of Asia countries have established licensing systems that allow more than one operator to offer services on the market.

We explicitly do not guarantee the confirmed timeliness and completeness of the information. The owners or online casinos reserve the right to make changes.